Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David Brooks on Bobbie Jindal's Response To The Obama Speech: A Disaster For The Republican Party



The CDM said...

Jindal is a tool, period. He's hedged his bets all for the sake of hoping Obama will fail so he can posture himself later.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Why isn't everyone crucifying Obama for continuing the exact same fear-mongering that the Bush administration employed since 9/11? Yes the Public is in a panic, but it's a Politician induced panic.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

oremObama will fail. Boy Wonder has no clue as to what he is doing. None.

Jeremy, there's a difference between what Bush did after 9/11 and what Obama's doing. First, with 9/11, the threat was real and remains that way today. What Obama is doing is worse. His fear mongering is against the economy and making Americans scared as hell. The markets don't like it, the banks don't like it and consumer confidence is at rock bottom.

All one has to remember are the words of Rham Emanuel before Boy Wonder took office. He told a crowd that, quote: You can't let a crisis (the economic mess) like this go to waste. You can do things you always wanted to do but couldn't."

By 1st Quarter of 2010, we will find ourselves in the midst of another Great Depression, only worse.

Jeremy D. Young said...

I'm not sure why you're so convinced there's a difference between the administrations. If the current batch of fear mongering is so bad, then don't forget that Paulson and Bush sounded the call loud and clear at the beginning of it.

The fear mongering is part of a larger system, larger than just the Executive Branch of the Government. There are huge beasts to feed, and the majority in Washington DC are all too willing to feed them. Military Industrial Complex, Medical Industrial Complex, Federal Reserve System, Government Education, etc. All of these interests demand more and more money, and the brokers in Washington see more and more ways to increase their power and control.

This is not a Democrat vs Republican thing, it's a tyranny vs the people thing. The two major parties are just playing games with the American public, blaming the other party for all the country's problems, when they are complicit in nearly every aspect of it.