Monday, February 23, 2009

Lame Ducks Duck

Four of the five council members who voted NOT to table the controversial sign ordinance are lame ducks and won't be on Council after the April elections.



Jackie Melton said...

You touched on what I thought was one of the more interesting aspects of what took place last night.

The only Council member, who voted against reconsideration of the sign contract, who will remain on Council after the April election was Cindy Rushefsky.

Did she commit political suicide? We'll have to wait a couple of years before we find out....

Anonymous said...

What was the hurry to get this project in gear?

Couldn't it have waited two months for the new Council?

Deaver has his sticky little fingerprints all over this affair, just as he did over the storage containers, portable signs, and gawd knows what else.

I voted for Gary when he first ran and have been sorely disappointed in his performance since.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

Springfield's City Council has always been a joke.

Until someone gets this form of government changed, you can continue to shake your head in amazement.

A group needs to gather petitions to change this from City Manager-Council form of government to Mayor-Council. The difference? The City Manager is insulated from the voters. Yes, he or she serves at the Council's pleasure, but you can see what dumb shits you get on City Council.

If the Mayor AND THE council are answerable to the voter, you'll see a BIG difference. And do away with the "Zones" and elect them by party. Now that's where I lost you, right?

Anyway, there's the answer. Keep doing what you're doing and that's the definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Busplunge said...

Perhaps it is an idea which time has come?