Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jesus Still Loves The Little Children

Even If These Guys Don't.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

That is a ludicrous accusation. Nonsense. Inflammatory..

Stealing from your neighbors to expand government control of health care is not "Loving Children". It's hatred of Liberty. It's even arguably hatred of children.

Government control of healthcare will mean 2 main things. Some things will be forced to be priced too low, causing shortages. Other things will be priced too high due to corruption and benefiting the special interests, and decreasing demand.

Therefore some children will have to wait in line for proceedures that are not available, since people that didn't need them as badly went ahead and received the procedures because they were "free".

How do you propose we increase the power of Government, while at the same time preventing the collusion between government and corporate interests?

How do you propose we encourage Doctors to continue to practice medicine when more bureaucracy is involved? How do you continue to provide something when the provision of that good is made more scarce by the government being involved in the first place?

Price is the most humane and equitable method of distributing scarce resources. When a good or service becomes scarce, the price goes up, triggering more people to come to provide that service. It's basic economic principle. Why do so many think that the Government can magically overcome the economics of scarcity?