Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why Did The Sales Tax Fail, Here's Another Reason.

The SN-L's Kathleen O'Dell is reporting reporting today 46 workers are being laid off from Muellers.

Another story, written by Wes Johnson, relates how "The City" is wanting to find the reasons why the sales tax failed.

In another story under Johnson's byline in today's SN-L, the headline reads "Sales Tax Not Sufficient For City Costs, Burris Says." Johnson's lede is as follows:

A day after city voters rejected the pension fund sales tax, City Manager Greg Burris warned that another financial storm was brewing.
He said revenue from existing sales tax is coming in well below what the city expected.

If the City Manager didn't know about this before today.....then wouldn't ya think that someone ain't doin' their job?

I sorta feel like "W" right now...


Anonymous said...

The "why" here is complex. But I'll bet one (please note that qualifier) important factor in this vote is the intentional damage the political right has done to taxes over the past 30 years. They've turned it into a 4-letter word and convinced people that Americans are over-taxed. We've reached a point at which a significant numbers of Americans haven't the first clue about what it takes to have a civilization, i.e. you have to PAY for it.

Here's something amusing following from how this town has behaved in the past. If you want to pass a tax, just ask for waaaay more than you need on the first ballot. Then return, hat in hand, and ask for what you really want after showing that you've re-thought everything and are now more responsible.

Rats in a maze, baby!

Anonymous said...

Or, as in the case of the crime lab, after the tax to fund it was defeated, (what 3 times?) just go ahead and build it anyhow with borrowed money and no distinct plan to repay the money.