Sunday, February 01, 2009

Springsteen Played A Concert Tonight. The

Steelers And The Cardinals Were His Openning Act.
Put down the guacamole dip and the chicken fingers and turn up the volume!

Part 1:

Part 2

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my friend Mark. He was 61 and died of a heart attack. He had the flu and I guess he had a coughing fit and his heart went into an arhythmia and stopped.

I have been around people who died, older folks or sick folks....their demise could be prepared for. But Mark was here Monday and gone Tuesday.

After the funeral mass, --it was held at St. Joseph's church, what a beautiful building...the church hosted a dinner for us.

I don't remember much about the dinner. Among those I sat with were Robert Walsh, Mike Cummings, John Owens, Janice Bannister, her daughter Elizabeth.

We talked about stuff we did 40 years ago ---no need to bring each up to date on our lives, we had keep in contact through out the years.

Mark's death bothered me. Yeah, I know his death is a reminder of my own immortality, of my Glory Days! The best part of us is our kids.

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