Friday, February 20, 2009

About Those Wayfinder Signs......

From Mike Brothers, City of Springfield Public Information Office:

Background on Wayfinding Signs Detailed
City Manager Greg Burris sent a white paper about the wayfinding system (1.4 MB PDF) to City Council today. City Councilman Gary Deaver requested the white paper at Tuesday’s Council lunch to provide background to Council on the project. (A white paper is a document that summarizes the background and details of a particular issue.)

Council will revisit this topic at Monday’s City Council meeting because Councilman Denny Whayne asked for reconsideration of the Feb. 9 vote to accept the bid for fabrication of the wayfinding signs.

At Monday’s meeting, Council will first decide whether to reconsider the bill. If that is approved, Council will reconsider whether to approve or reject the bid for fabrication or refer the issue to one of its standing committees for further review.

Read the white paper, read all of it. Here are a couple of teasers from it:
The Community Physical Image Plan Element of the Vision 20/20 Comprehensive Plan, adopted in August 1998, specifically listed an action to: “Design and install a citywide pathfinder sign system to advertise and make more visible Springfield’s major facilities and attractions.”

Some of the motorist information signs on the freeway system are scheduled for renewal/replacement within the next few months. MoDOT follows national standards for spacing of signage in advance of each interchange. There are a limited number of locations available for standard motorist information signs and there is often space available for only one sign to provide directions to special attractions. Currently some of this space is occupied by signs for the American National Fish & Wildlife Museum/ Bass Pro Shops. These attractions have agreed to give up six individual signs on the freeway to provide the needed space for the citywide wayfinding program.
MoDOT charges attractions for signage. It is not known if MoDOT will charge the city for the signage.

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