Monday, February 02, 2009

I Got This Email Message This Evening.....


Who is the contact for discussing advertising on your blog Busplunge? We have received 12 page views this week for Busplunge, and our BlogAd total for Springfield, Missouri area blogs is 352 this week.

Our website,, is the largest online BlogAd marketplace with more than 50,000 blogs in more than 2,300 US cities and towns.

Here's a link to your blog on wikimetro:

If you are agreeable to scheduling a time to talk on the phone about this, please tell me a good time by contacting me at this link (choose phone):a

I'll cc my assistant to set up a time to talk, if there's interest.

Lisa Anderson
BlogAd Account Asst Director
Motto: "Everything Local"
Frequently Asked Questions:


Alex Barkett said...

I did too.

Paul said...

As did I.

test00909 said...

HI Lisa@ : lisa.anderson@wikimetro,

Why are you sending "spam" into my husbands inbox?




d5thouta5 said...

Please sir/madam, if do not mind, my accountant has made an error and has released the check to you in in the incorrect amount. It would be so kind of you to immediately cash the check at your bank and then return to me via Western Union Money Order the balance less your selling price and shipping cost. Thank you for the mistake.