Friday, February 20, 2009

2008 Golden Plunger Awards Cancelled

The judges (Mr. Belvedere, the Grey Goose, Chopin, this guy from Finland, the Jewel of Russia, Effen, McCormick, Bak Zubrowka, Van Gogh, Van Hoo, Pan, Gordon, Cristall, Gilbey, Oliphant, Ketel 1, me and many Mor) decided to cancel this year's Golden Plunger awards and focus instead on the Springfield St. Patrick's Day parade.

We have the props for a girl to gorilla illusion and were going to perform it on the back of one of our old trucks in front of the judges' stand.

Then that dang rampaging chimp went beserk and tore that woman's face off in Connecticut. We thought it would be in poor taste to do the show --especially the part where the gorilla chases the crowd and attacks the trainer.

For last year's winners, click here.


Horse-farmer said...

Danged, and I was working out so I could be the gorilla.........

good show oh bus

The CDM said...

Damn, these have more cred than a blogoroni.