Friday, June 06, 2008

That Guy Who Drives The Dump Truck Down All Those Pipes Found These Longroofs Parked In One Of Those Pipes

Brother John likes longroofs, the precursor to the van and minivan. I found these and know he will be emailing me soon wanting to know where I found them and if there are any more in the same place. I tried to pick out all the 1959 models because that is the year John was born. That Volkwagen bus, my folks bought the second VW Bus in St. Louis from Charles Schultz Motors in 1959. It looked like the one in the picture except it didn't have a sun roof. Our sister Jane has a box of photos of every car Dad owned. sigh.
So, for John and Ed and James: Here Comes the Longroofs!
1947 Chevrolet Wagon
1959 DeSoto Fireflite Explorer
1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Fiesta
1955 Chevrolet "Two-Ten" Handyman
1958 Chevrolet Brookwood
1959 Volkswagen 21 Window Micro Bus
1959 Pontiac Safari Parisienne
1959 Mercury Country Cruiser
1959 Ford Country Sedan
1959 Ford Ranch Wagon
1959 Ford Country Squire


Anonymous said...

sweet longroff pics. nice!!!

longrooffan said...

Big Jim:

Thanks for this link. It is awesome seeing all of these old illustrations.

Especially love the wagons and trucks sections.

Real Cool.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

This stuff rules. Why don't you try and find some examples of the hilarious Bruce McCall illustrations based on this sort of 50s automotive ad style, and post them for us, ok?