Thursday, June 05, 2008

Quarter Pipe In The Back Yard

Backyard Skate Ramps

Rock To Fakie

Trey, Austin, Blake and I built a quarter pipe in the backyard today. We started yesterday evening with the measurements and preliminary cuts.

Austin and Trey went with me to the "board store", Meek's on Mount Vernon and bought five treated 2x4s ten feet long. We needed a piece of pipe 42" long by 2" diameter. The good folks at Seeburg Muffler on West Sunshine next to the McDonald's gave Trey the piece of pipe he needed after Trey explained what he was going to build.

We spent most of the afternoon cutting and drilling boards. Austin drilled the holes, and Trey screwed in the screws. Blake fetched tools and Ice Tea. I ran the saws.

The Quarter Pipe turned out pretty good. Trey did "drop in's" and "rock to fakies". I have no idea what those are but I did get the pictures.

Good Times and it only cost me $27.00 for five 2x4 x 10 feet long at the board store. The rest of the lumber I had in the barn. Oh yes, of course the coping pipe from Seeburg! I think we spent the afternoon making memories!

Blake just came in from Lost and Found, he is ready to Sk8! So is Trey. Austin, after drilling all the pilot holes this afternoon, went home early to take a shower and was last seen in his living room playing his new video game, "Pirates of the Caribbean". He fell earlier and scraped his leg but his Aunt Karen doctored him up pretty good.

This is Trey getting ready to do a "drop in".


longrooffan said...


I thought I left this comment earlier, but it may not have taken.

Good job with these boys. You created memories they will never forget and they will enjoy many years of fun with this 1/4 pipe.

By the way, thanks for informing us oldtimers of what these terms mean.

Also, open that, twice located, barn and let's see what's inside.


Busplunge said...

"Also, open that, twice located, barn and let's see what's inside."

What's inside? Well, upstairs, in the loft, there was one huge slot car track. Jim bought a high dollar set and when he got married to Kristin, she made him move it out of the dining room. So we moved it up to the barn. I found an identical set at the Salvation Army and we combined the sets and made one huge race course. The boys never got into slot cars as much as their Dad, seems video games are more fun. So we took the track down to make more room for trucks.

longrooffan said...

Want to trade something for that track?