Friday, June 13, 2008

News Releases, Analysis and Commentary

I have lived here long enough that I "know where the bodies are buried". I certainly empathize with Mayor Carlson's comments in his recent "State of The City" speech:

People in this room can tell you questions that a person from the media will ask you about some person in this town that everybody here has known of for years and the person who's charged with covering that has never heard of them.
Several local blogs, including this one, blog on "The City". One of the blogs that I read everyday contains....well, let me put it this way: If you want to read more than news releases, you probably would want to be reading Jackehammer. Jackehammer not only reports the news, but also presents us with in depth analysis, commentary and background information.

Bus note: The illustration was used for its depiction of a "jack-hammer" since this posting was about a blog named "jackehammer". For a more detailed study of the effect purchasing celery has on underwear elastic (where this illustration was originally published) click here.

Bus note 2: Was the store Walmart? Read what happened in thefriendly Christian heartland of America"


Jason said...

I completely disagree with your belief the blog you mentioned is worth anyone's time but I firmly support your right to say it. :)

And be honest with us, Jim. We know the real reason you posted that photo with this particular blog entry.

You just liked that cute puppy in the photo, right?

Busplunge said...

My blog, my rules.

Jason said...

As you keep repeating. :)