Friday, June 13, 2008

No Tag Backs

From Wikipedia:

"No tag backs" (also "can't get the butcher back", "no tiggy butchers", "no master backs", "no catch backs", "no tap backs", "no returns", "no touchbacks", "Pauric Clarke" or "can't tig the ball back" the "ball" being the person who is "it") is a phrase that can be used in most tag variants. If the person who is "it" tags another player, and then the player tries to tag the person back, the former "it" player can say "no tag backs". This means that the person who is "it" can't immediately tag the person who made them "it". This rule was created to allow the former "it" player not only a chance to get out of close proximity of the current "it" player, but to give them a few moments of immunity to catch their breath. Another way of ensuring victory is to tag someone and then immediately quit the game (often to the annoyance of the other players, who may exclude the person using this strategy from future games). Whether or not "tag backs" are allowed in the ensuing game must be established at the start of the game to ensure fairness of play for all players.
Is this "The City's" way of telling the developer, "Ain't no way are you giving Heer's back. You bought it, it's yours."

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