Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back Yard Cook Out / Celebrating "Granny's" 110th Birthday

In a previous post I posted some pictures of our back porches and how they were decorated up for both functionality and festivity.

My Grandmother was born on May 30, 1898. Her birthdays were always a reason for gathering outside and cooking, eating and celebrating, as the photo indicates. That's Granny on the far right sitting next to Grandpa "Man".In recognition of her 110th birthday and for other considerations, last night, we had another one in a series of impromptu backporch gatherings. The menu was thrown together really quick, sort of 'sweep the kitchen' type of meal: grilled and smoked chicken legs and thighs, steak, salmon, bratwursts, baked beans, garden salad with the ingredients from the garden, pasta salad, deviled eggs with sliced pimento olives on top, and chips and dip.
The Misters Cook, Miller and Coors were in attendance also.

Below are two photos of the two oldest men in attendance. One photo is with their mouths open and the other is with their mouths shut. Notice the styrofoam cup containing liquid silk and the koozy with the can of Cook's.
The following photos are of the young people who were there. We live in a nice neighborhood.


longrooffan said...


This looks like a blast was had by all. Glad you have just a beautiful family and great friends.

I remember Granny and Man had some metal furniture like you have in your yard.

Thanks for sharing Granny's birthday with me.


Crable Family said...

Hi All, I started my mini blog here. I have some other pictures of the event here.