Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday Is Trash Day, It's Also City Council Meeting Day

I actually miss Life Of Jason's blow by blow accounts of City Council Meetings. Every second Monday I would plop myself down in front of the keyboard and tune in to Channel 23 for the City Council meetings. I would compare Jason's account with what the TV was showing. Jason's accounts, tempered by a healthy dose of Mr. Miller in a Styrofoam cup, were pretty interesting.

Jason has since curtailed his live blogging of City Council meetings because of a conflict with his church meetings. I somehow suspect that Jason's new wife Amy might have had some influence in Jason's decision also.

Not too worry Jason, you won't lose 3/4 of your readers, we'll keep checking in, how else will we know what tie Councilman Chiles is wearing?
In other news, after 17 years, my trash company changed our trash pick up time from Wednesday morning to Monday morning, early Monday morning, very early Monday morning. Being retired, you would think that I would remember to put the trash out on Sunday night. But I got a lot of things on my mind, like writing this blog and making posts (under the nickname of "Busplunge"*) on the SN-L website and making commentaries on other people's blogs.

Yes, my life is full. So, early this Monday morning, when I heard the trash truck stop outside my window, I could not remember if I had put the trash cart, with the correct side (as indicated on the trash cart lid) facing the street, out on the curb last night. I got up, slipped on a pair of shorts and hurried outside.

Fortunately, my son, who lives next door to us and is not retired, upon seeing that on this very early Monday morning my trash cart was not in the prescribed location on the curb awaiting emptying, hauled my cart out to the street before he went to work, thus relieving me of the obligation to load the trash cart in the back of my pickup and haul it to the Bennett Street transfer station. (I have noticed that if I miss a pickup, unless I load the cart in my pickup and haul it to the transfer station myself, I seem to have twice as much trash for the next pickup.)

I KNEW there were certain advantages to living next door to one's son and his wife! Like my son seeing to it that my trash cart makes it to the curb when I don't. Oh yeah, here's another advantage: dinner with Sophie!*Jackehammer's blog can be accessed here.

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Jason said...

I'm not worried but thanks for your reassurance.