Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Ever Happened To This Car, Part II

A while back I did a post on 1940 Ford Woody Station Wagon my grandfather owned. I wish I still had that car.

Here is another installment in what I now call "Whatever Happened To This Car?"

Lotus Europa, probably a 1970, I'm don't remember. European model which meant it didn't have safety glass, the speedometer was in kilometers and it ran on cheap gas and had yellow headlights. The steering wheel was on the left hand side.

It was very fast, very nimble and was cheap. That's about all I remember about it. It broke down a lot and was a very good example of why the English didn't invent computers*. (Cars could be bought very cheap at this time, so many GIs were getting out early and it cost quite a bit to ship them over to the USA, if indeed they could be imported. Somewhere I got a slide of a Citroen 2CV that I shoulda bought, it already had my name on it.)

White belt, cut off 501s and orange tennis shoes with no socks, a haircut which pushed the limits on hair length and a bushy moustache all sent the signal that I was one hip trooper.

130th General Hospital, Nurnberg, Germany, 1972

Oh Yeah.*They couldn't figure out how to make them leak oil.

(as I was writing this post, I heard that dreadful sound of screeching brakes and a loud thud. Sounds like somebody got rear-ended on Sunshine, east of Fort. That seems to happen a lot and, when the atmospheric conditions are just so, it sounds like it is happening next door. The same thing goes for the PA system at JFK Stadium. Sometimes that is so loud we have to turn our TVs up real loud.)

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Looks like a High Class Hillbilly. Hawt!