Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Feeling PATRIOTIC! Yes, I Am Grabbing My Gun And Swelling With Pride! Looking to Kill Communists! The Sheriff Says It's OK

"The way I hear Jason sing the national anthem makes you want to go out and kill a communist," Merritt said. "If that doesn't make you patriotic, nothing will."
DANG! I'm feeling something after hearing Jason sing! My patriotism is just swelling, makes me want to grab my gun and my AK-47 Assault rifle, wrap myself in the flag, like that guy below here and commence killing commies!


That's a WHAT flag?

DANG! I didn't know they had flags too.

They didn't teach us that in Internet school! Oops, sorry Sheriff, wrong flag.


You, yeah, naked guy wrapped in that flag, put some pants on fer crying out loud!

This is a family blog! Larry, Bob! help

We can't have no naked people running around here!

Don't Look Ethel!

Hey Sheriff, if he's one of those kind of guys, that makes him a commie, right?

Can we shoot him?

An Internet tip of the hat to Fat Jack's Rants.

Thinking Things picked up on it also.

The actual quote came from an article by Chad Livengood (what a name) in the April 9 online edition of the SN-L.

Sheriff Merritt was just kidding, right?

Please tell me our sheriff was kidding when he said that, that he was making a joke.

Ok, it was a really bad joke, but it was still a joke, right?

Maybe an April Fool's Day joke?

Please. Let. It. Be. A. Joke.

Say, is the woman running on the Democrat ticket for County Administrator the same woman who ran in 2002 as a Republican and won, but under a different name?

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