Friday, April 25, 2008

While Searching For Beer Did I Stumble Upon An Answer To A Most Peculiar Question?

I know this was a long time ago, but remember "Deep Throat"? Remember what he told these two guys?* Do you know who these two guys are?

I like beer. About once every two or three months for the last five years, a research group has called me to ask my opinions about the flavory brew which is best drinken out of a white styrofoam cup. I did get a little worried there over this report awhile back.

I also remember reading that Auggie Busch made $12.2 million last year. That's a lot of beer.

And because it looks like rain and I couldn't work out in the yard, I sat here at the computer and I wondered if Auggie spread any of that money around. He did.

I wouldn't have thought that representing the constituency the guy represents, that accepting beer money would be a good political move. But what do I know.

But I did scroll down the whole list to see who else gave money.

It was interesting.

KCP & L Power Pac-MO $325.00
MO Energy Development Assn PAC $325.00
MO Assn of Municipal Utilities $325.00
The Empire District Electric Co $325.00
And those are just the ones I was able to recognize from the names of the PACs. Most of them just had initials like AMECPAC ($325.00) and District 7 MHCA PAC ($325.00) ---heck, I don't know who these guys are or who they're PACin' for either.

And then I came to this entry:
Aquila Inc Employee Federal PAC $325.00

And I remembered the question I had posed in an earlier post.

Was it not that great chronicler of Ozark tales, Vance Randolph, who said, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining?"

*Follow the money. Oh Yeah. Follow the money.


Jackie Melton said...

Well!!??? Did you find the beer or not!?

The CDM said...

Yeah, did ya find it? I was able to work in my yard early this week. I got tired of having the ugliest lawn in the 'hood.