Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Horses.....

Austin in the 1/2 scale Springfield Wagon, from several years ago.
Jaycee with Haven Lee's Sweet Surprise<Momma and baby doing fine!
My daughter Sara, author of fiveacre dream, did a little horse trading last night. Tango is long gone and in his place is a smaller gray horse. I will have photos when she sends them to me.

South of Fiveacre Dream and south of Eye Farty Fore, is Haven Lee Farms, a minature horse range. It may be a small ranch, but that's ok because they are small horses.
Here is niece Stephanie's account:

Hi Ya’ll,
(yup, been in Missouri too long) I wanted to send you a picture of our newest arrival here on Haven Lee Farm. Isn’t she a beauty. Her name is Haven Lee’s Sweet Surprise. And she was most definitely one.

Dad woke us up so we could share in the excitement.

Jaycee is doing well in school! She likes taking tests, well most of the time. I am enjoying school tremendously. The classes are fun and exciting; kind of like CSI on TV, but much much better.

Anyway I hope you all have fun and enjoy the summer. Talk to you, hopefully, soon.


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