Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Billy Long walks back his support of Todd Akin

Billy Long and Todd Akin flank a bunch of other Republicans. Billy looks like he sucking his belly in while Ed Martin stands beside him.

Couple of Saturdays ago, Billy Long's GOP Victory Tour 2012 was a love fest for Todd Akin.

Then, Akin made his 'forcible rape' comment and the magical vaginal spermicide or whatever he called it that was in force 'down there'.

Republicans jumped all over Akin.

But not Billy Long. He was silent. Not a peep.

Then, in an interview with Politico,Missouri delegates angry at Mitt Romney over Todd Akin, Long came out in support of Akin:

Still, not all Republicans in the congressional delegation are ready to abandon Akin. First-term Rep. Billy Long, who represents the conservative southwestern portion of the state, said Akin was the party’s candidate, whom he planned to support.

“The people of Missouri voted for him, and he’s our guy,” Long told POLITICO. “And either you’re for Todd Akin and I’m not for Claire McCaskill. … He’s been an underdog his whole life, he won a lot of races he wasn’t supposed to win, so I think he can win.”
He had to.

Long represents arguably the most conservative area of the state.

He toured with Todd Akin.

He takes Tara Sukman's phone calls.

Long, who told the Springfield News-Leader I don't run to a microphone every time one is offered and he doesn't jump in front of a camera every time one is offered", told the Philadelphia Inquirer:
We've been tea partying in the seventh district of Missouri before the tea party was cool. We believe in smaller government, lower taxes and sticking to the constitution.
Long had to back Akin.

And, in doing so, he went against Blunt, Danforth, Ashcroft and Bond.

Billy's been quiet on the twitter feed also.

No word on how his comedy act with Grover Norquist went over last night: Billy goes to Tampa, headlines at Comedy Club.

Open mouth, insert foot Billy.

This afternoon, in an interview with KOLR 10, Billy backed off his support of Todd Akin:
(KOLR10):A lot made about the Senate race in Missouri between McCaskill and Akin. His own party asked him to stay away from the convention.
(Billy Long): "There's not too much to say. If you know Todd Akin, coming out publicly like a lot of people have and ask him to get out is probably the worst thing they could've done. I don't know if the last chapter has been written to that story yet. I hear rumors every day about what might happen there, but right now he's our nominee and whoever is on the ballot in November for us, I'm going to be supportive."


In another development in Long's support of Akin, Josh Nelson, political reporter for the Springfield News-Leader, reports:
In an email to the News-Leader, Long’s re-election campaign said the Springfield Republican did not intend to issue a statement addressing Akin’s comments regarding whether a woman can become pregnant from a “legitimate rape.”
Nelson also quoted the Politico story:
Sen. Roy Blunt, Long’s predecessor in the 7th Congressional District seat, was one of six current or former Republican U.S. Senators to sign onto a letter calling for Akin to drop out. The Politico story indicates Blunt is still skeptical of Akin’s continued candidacy:

“I’m not sure he’s going to stay in, there’s still time to think about this,” Blunt told POLITICO. “We think the national issues are what matters here and that Todd needs to evaluate the impact he’s having on the discussion of the issues facing the country today.”
Vicky Hartzler also has called on Akin to drop out:
Like many Missourians, I found Congressman Akin's comments baffling, disturbing and misinformed. Over the last few days I have attempted to communicate with him personally; however, my repeated attempts have been unsuccessful. Due to the serious nature of this issue, I hope and pray he will make the right decision for himself, his family and our country and follow the advice of Senators Blunt, Bond, Ashcroft, Talent and Danforth.

The betting pool is open.

When will Billy drop his support of Todd Akin?


Anonymous said...

Four days after Akin gets out of the race?

Anonymous said...

"Check the Vegas odds"

~I'm Billy Long and I approve this message.