Tuesday, August 14, 2012

$1,000 - $25,000 to hobknob with Paul Ryan for an evening...general public not invited.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The presumed Republican Party vice-presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, will be in Springfield on Aug. 23 for a fundraiser. The Greene County Republican Party office says the event will be in the evening at the Ramada Inn Oasis Convention Center off Glenstone Avenue at Kearney Street.

The tickets for the fundraiser cost between $1,000 and $25,000. It's closed to the general public.

Presumed presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his vice presidential pick last Saturday.

$1,000 to $25,000 a ticket?

The event is closed to the general public.

I couldn't afford to go even if I wanted.

Frequent bus riders will remember Joe Cox, a co-worker at Ozark Wholesale Beverage:

In 1973 I was working at a warehouse making $3.25 an hour and Joe Cox, a guy I worked with, equated the cost of everything into how many hours he had to work to pay for it. Like, if a steak dinner in a restaurant cost $6.50, Joe would ask, "Is this steak dinner really worth two hours work?"
To attend Paul Ryan's fundraiser would cost me one month's Social Security check for a cheap seat and 2 years' worth of Social Security checks for VIP seating.


Anonymous said...

Wealthy Pakistani-American To Host Joe Biden At Lavish Los Angeles Fundraiser
By Elizabeth Flock, Seth Cline

August 2, 2012 RSS Feed Print
The Bel-Air home of Shoukat Hussain Ali.
Vice President Joe Biden will spend this Friday at the California home of Shoukat Hussain Ali, a wealthy Pakistani-American businessman and Democratic donor who is hosting what appears to be his first fundraiser for President Barack Obama.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, tickets are going for $10,000 a head.

Busplunge said...

Ryan's family fortune came from a road building construction company.

So, in answer to Obama's question, "Who built that?" the reply could be Paul Ryan's family's company won the gov't contract to build the road.

Anonymous said...

...........and paid union employees in several trades very nice wages with benefits allowing them to pay property taxes to pay for public schools for their children to attend; and, spend money at local auto dealers buying Ford F150s to help keep the Auto Workers Union going; and, to vacation in Branson to help our local economy; and........probably some other spending to support the economy.

Just thought I'd add to the commentary of the bus driver.

Nothing wrong with coming from a successful family. Didn't Ryan's daddy die when he was 15 years of age?

And, didn't the President's daddy die at a young age?