Monday, August 20, 2012

All of these people think alike--- only bad girls get raped

Remember this past week when Billy Long was driving his big black bus all across SWMO MO7 on his GOP Victory tour?

What you may not remember is back in January 2011, Todd Akin, JoAnn Emerson, Todd Graves, Blaine Luetkemeyer and BILLY LONG all co-sponsored HR3.

What is HR3? If you ask Billy Long, he may not remember what's in it.

But Frequent Bus riders will refresh his memory; Under HR3, which Billy co-sponsored, rape would not be rape unless violence was involved.

Billy-- you spent all last week tweeting about your victory tour. Yet today, not a peep out of you.



btw,,,any store that involves skinny dipping and starts "We had a few drinks" is going to be a heckuva story, Brownie!


Anonymous said...

As a former police officer of 20 years, I know that rape is a sexual assault, otherwise why would 70 year old women get raped? It really makes me mad to hear someone say"She asked for it.

Anonymous said...

From left to right:
Toast; No Chance;No Chance; No Chance;Bye-Bye;A Lock; Billy,Billy,Billy a Lock;No Chance.
That about sums it up.

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