Thursday, May 05, 2011

Flooding in the Seventh District prompted U.S. Representative Billy Long to issue a press release

As a 'card-carrying' producer and reader of New Media*, I have standing searches on Google Alerts.**

Google Alerts has almost real time results of saved searches.

Using information gleaned from Google Alerts, it appears that while Congressman Long was quite interested in Missouri's re-districting process we never saw any record, via New Media or mainstream media sources of Long visiting any of the flooded areas of MO 7. Ever the prolific tweeter--he tweets what he eats-- there is not a tweet about visiting the flooded areas of MO 7 no tweets from Billy, no news coverage, no nothing.

That's is not to say that Long didn't visit the area. Google alerts alerted me that Long planned to meet in Branson on April 18 for a morning 'meet and greet' with Branson realtors. Long who "apologized for arriving late, he was on a conference call from Washington", shared stories about his travels from Springfield, MO to Washington D.C.Billy Long poses with a group of woman realtors in Branson. It is not known if Long shared with them all that he's done to take away women's freedoms and their opportunities to keep themselves and their families healthy. On May 4, Long voted "aye" on HR3 -- one of the most extreme anti-woman measures ever.

Long was also in Branson on March 26 attending a Republican event. KRZK Branson radio reported

7th District Congressman Billy Long has only been in office 3 months and he's already campaigning for his next election. Long was one of several Republicans who gathered in Branson last night for the annual Taney County Lincoln Days event at the Lion's Club on East Highway 76.
Billy knows how to get to Branson. Honoring his commitment to seniors, Auctioneer Colonel Billy Long shakes hands with an old guy in Forsyth. It is not known if Long told the old man he voted to kill medicare. Photo by Monte Schisler

During Spring break (April 18 - May 1) Long went to a realtor's breakfast, wouldn't let a new media report attend his press briefing, judged an art contest, went to Jefferson City --- held NO live town hall meetings, went to Barnes and Noble and re-tweeted a bunch of John Boehner tweets. But nowhere is it recorded that Long visited the flooded areas of MO 7.

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 10:44 PM, I received the following notification from Google Alerts: Congressman Billy Long : Press Releases : Congressman Long ...
WASHINGTON, DC—Flooding in the Seventh District prompted U.S. Representative Billy Long to request help from federal agencies for individuals ...

Here are some photos of what Congressman Long would have seen if he had toured the flooded areas of Taney County:

Corps of Engineers Lake Taneycome boat launch ramp, Rockaway Beach, MO.

View from B's Nest deck showing valley behind Pettijohn's cabin flooded. The water was about 2 feet higher earlier.

On shoulder of Highway 160, just east of the Swan Creek bridge, Bull Shoals Lake and Shadowrock Park campground. That's the old concrete bridge you see there.

Main Street, Rockaway Beach, MO

Congressman "Call me Billy" smiling for the camera at a restaurant in Branson in late April.

Lake Taneycomo, Rockaway Beach, flooded resorts.

More flooded resorts, Rockaway Beach, MO.

Jack's Landing, Rockaway Beach, MO. The road is under about three feet of water.

Forsyth-Taneyville Road near Shadowrock Park, Forsyth, MO.

How high's the water Ma? Flood waters block access to Lake Taneycomo boat dock in Rockaway Beach, MO.

Taneycomo Campgrounds, Rockaway Beach, MO, flooded. The campground proprietor told me the water was 'lapping at the door of the store'.

And finally, some big black Ford F150 pickup trucks seen around the area:

Saw this big black Ford F150 on the way home-- didn't see if it had Bozo on the dash.

from What is ruining America for middle-aged white guys who drive monstrous pickup trucks around the Ozarks thanks to the oil from Islamofascist dictatorships? Oh, the usual: President Obama, “the news media,” and higher education. Also, beware of “rhinos,” also. Thanks to Wonkette operative “Will Ferrell.”The only missing here is trucknutz and Bozo.

Ahh, there's Bozo!


Anonymous said...

Long only responded to the flooding when the new media made his absence an issue.

Anonymous said...

you all got Long dialed in--he's as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Anonymous said...

Chevies Rule!

Anonymous said...

Free Bozo!

Anonymous said...

Billy seems to like the perks of Washington like getting your picture taken with lots of women. He was an awkward kid you know.

Anonymous said...

"Water always reclaims what belongs to IT." Gov. Mel Carnahan said this years ago. Jeff City flooded and he and the legislature bought land and houses from folks who had flooded and gave these lands to the parks system.

He said he wouldn't pay people for their land and then let them rebuild in the same place because the water always comes back. He's right.

What possesses people to build in a known flood plain anyway? The only advise I have is .... buy a boat.

Oh, and why do these conservatives always turn to the big bad government bureaucracies to solve their problems when it's an act of God. Shouldn't they just pray?

I mean, heck, they want to cut everyone else's benefits and balance the budget (what about the grandchildren!!), but....when it's their problem boy, THEY WANT THE CASH!!!!

Right now!!

Like I said, they need to buy a boat. I would say they got what they voted for in Billy.