Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Billy Long -- Missed opportunity

Freshmen representatives are all over the map bragging about how they are pumping gas for constituents.

We've posted about it here and here.

Reports are coming in that Billy refused to fill the tank of one constituent who has been critical of Billy in the past.

But this tweet of Long's bothers me:
Billy tweeted: "One Lady said she scrapped together $5 for her gas - I pumped 1.32 gallons for her."

My first thought on reading Billy's tweet was that poor woman probably spent $5.00 in gas getting to the gas station to buy $5.00 worth of gas.

Then I thought if she had to scrape together $5.00 for gas, she should have used that gas to go to the grocery store or the Ozarks Food Harvest, not waste it going to see some politician's publicity stunt.

Then I thought what is Billy's purpose in tweeting this? To show his appeal? I wonder if this woman realizes that Billy voted against her in his vote to Kill Medicare?

Then I thought why didn't Billy chip in a few bucks and put a couple gallons in her tank. That would have been a decent thing to do. He could have done it discreetly and no one would have known that you actually helped a constituent. Or he could have even told some of the metro somethings/bodyguards that surround him to put some gas in her tank.

But Billy doesn't think that way. It's not about constituents, it's all about Billy Long.

Billy Long's salary is $14,500 a month and he couldn't find the decency in his heart to put some gas in a woman's car who had to scrape together $5.00 to come see him?

The average Social Security recipient's check in SWMO is just over $13,000-- a year! Billy makes more than that in a month and he couldn't put a couple of dollars of gas in the woman's tank?

Sheet, Billy, you could have just ate one less Billy Long cut steak at the Metro Grill and put that money towards some gas for the lady.

Right now I am not sure who is the fool.... the woman who scraped together $5.00 so you could put 1.32 gallons in her tank or you, because you didn't even think to put some gas in her tank. All your thought of was yourself and how she scraped together $5.00 to come see you.

Opportunity lost, Billy Long, opportunity lost.

Here's what you could have done: from the bus garage, May, 22, 2008: It was only $26.00


Anonymous said...

Expect Long to respond with she was buying lawn mower gas.

Anonymous said...

El Cheapo

Anonymous said...

I know the lady he refused to pump gas for and she has a history of politely asking policy questions.

Anonymous said...

Only Billy Long could screw up pumping gas.
Now maybe degassing himself after a big steak and lots of beer and cigars, he might do.
He is a disgrace to SW MO.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long likes pumping gas so much, and I am sure Jack Goodman is available to take his place. Someone start the negotiating for Billy's new job.

Monica said...

Scrapped? Learn how to spell, Billy. You are already making us look like idiots by just being in congress, the least you could do is run spell check before you tweet something.

Anonymous said...

Jack Goodman has his eye of AG..

Anonymous said...

on AG

Anonymous said...

"The C-Stores currently make about 30/cents per gallon, if my information is correct. Buy 20 gallons and the owner gets 6 bucks." from The Turner Report

I guess that is why the Fast & Friendly owners have farms, lakes properties and airplanes.

Anonymous said...

I recently began working part time at Price Cutter ringing groceries for customers. My biggest surprise? The younger generation with children all have WIC. The elderly have the food stamp cards and there are lots of them. Folks, if you have an elderly neighbor invite them over for dinner, take them a plate....don't assume they are eating good food because many are not.

People are starving. Moms come through my line and have to put back fruit or a couple of cans of beans because they have no money and three kids in tow.

One lady with two kids got four cents in change back. She smiled and quietly said, "this has to last until Friday". This was on Tuesday.

A frail little elderly lady came through my line with her food stamp card. She bought cereal, milk and some of those small frozen dinners. She said she tries NOT to use up her "allotment", she eats cereal for breakfast and a frozen dinner in the evenings. "My son brings me a big can of coffee so I don't have to buy that," she said as if she was apologizing to me for having to eat. I bet she didn't weigh 90 pounds.

I wish Billy would come ring a few groceries and see what I've seen in just a few days.

I've yet to see those people buying steaks, or luxury items. I'm sure there are some of those people out there. What I've seen people buying is all basic grub. Bologna, bread, hot dogs, beans, cereal.

And the children ---their eyes. Folks, they're are hungry people out there --- trust me.

Anonymous said...

Free Bozo from $4 gasoline.

rangem said...

are you idiots that voted for bumpkin billy fed up yet lmao lmao

Anonymous said...

You don't want Billy Long in your grocery store. Your profit margin would quickly decline as he stood there scanning groceries.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Rapid Roberts would take part in such a bogus political stunt. I guess I'll be buying my gas across the street from now on.