Monday, May 02, 2011

Auctnr1 tweets.....

Billy Long was tweeting last night. He probably should have just watched it play out on TV and stayed away from the internet.

These tweets came across between 9:40 and 10:00 our time: (This is not the first time Long has retweeted Harris, either.)Long must have thought his tweet was in poor taste even for him because he quickly deleted it. But nothing on the internet is gone forever, it just moves to a different place.

Today, Long had his CIA tour. He tweeted about it.

Billy's tweets about Panetta remind me of Eddie Haskell:

I keep remembering that Peter King put Billy on the Homeland Security Committee "Peter King was looking for people who could take the tough votes," Rep. Long said. "So, for me to be named Vice Chairman—for a freshman, that's a pretty tall honor." Apparently thoughtful analysis and an understanding of the nuances and complexity of issues was not a requirement.


Busplunge said...

Bus riders from all over the world:

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan arrived from on "busplunge: Helicopter Crash in Abbottabad: Blogger liveblogs the raid without knowing".
19:21:55 -- 1 hour 39 mins ago

Anonymous said...

Billy Long is a pompous fool.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps the reason the Republicans couldn't kill OBL is reflected in their choice of Billy-Bob on the Homeland Security Committee.

I mean, with intelligence like that, no wonder they couldn't find OBL.

How much farther out of his league could they have put Billy? Security? Hardly.

But the Republicans had Rumsfeld as Sect Of Defense and the infamous Cheney ---- who combined had 9 deferments from Viet Nam.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of deferments...has anyone checked out why Billy was never drafted or if he has a draft priority number? He would have had to as he was 17 in '72. '73 the draft stopped but priority numbers were still issued for those born in '54 '55 '56...
Food for thought