Friday, January 09, 2009

Who Is Senator DeMint And Why Is He Calling Me?

NRTW Facilities, 703- 770-2249 just called me.

National Right To Work Committee, that's who called me with an important message from Senator DeMint.

The person who called me wanted me to hold the line for an important message from Senator DeMint from Washington DC.

I asked the caller what state Senator DeMint represented. He said Washington, DC.

I said I didn't think Washington DC had senators. (Senator DeMint represents South Carolina.)

I asked the caller why the senator from South Carolina was calling me, a resident of Springfield, MO.

He didn't know and said he would connect me with his supervisor.

I got connected to the recorded pitch from Senator DeMint.

I hung up.

I then called Senator DeMint's Washington DC office (on my cell, it's a free call) and left a message asking why the Senator from South Carolina was calling me.

I then called Senator McCaskill and told her about the phone call.

Why is a senator from South Carolina calling residents of Southwest Missouri?


Lil Jim said...

Don't let the name fool you, national right to work is not a good thing for workers...

Horse-farmer said...

sure it wasn't Senator Dimwit?/

Lee Woodward said...

Yes we do need NRTW and a vote against the card check bill so workers are not intimidated into voting for joining a union. Not sure where this money goes though...always be wary of phone solicitation.