Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Trip To Jordan Valley Park To Ring In The New Year

Last year, 2008, a lot more pictures were taken of 2008 Bus Trip to Jordan Valley Park to watch the fireworks, so may more that the blogging took two posts: part 1 and part 2.

The post from 2007 is here. What pictures were taken that night were lost in the great hard drive crash of November, 2008. We got some nice memories.

This year, 28 people rode the bus to the Jordan Valley Park for to view fireworks. The bus comfortably seats 15. We all had fun, the bus heater was working as it should and the fireworks were grand.

Unlike the St. Patrick's Day Parade where we tote our own privy, the facilities could stand some improvement down at the park, maybe bring in some portapotties? If they were there, I musta missed 'em.

Like the economy, our picture taking was not as abundent as last year. It was colder and I was busy shepherding people on and off the bus. And my camera was cold and was slow.

One thing that was abundantly clear while at Jordan Valley Park was how many people came up to the bus and wanted to get on it, thinking it was the bus that brought them.

Two ladies came up, knocked on the door to open, which I did because I thought they belonged on the bus, and asked me "Is this bus going somewhere?" LittleMom (Little Jim's wife and the mother of Sophie!) told them it was a private bus.

One guy came up and he must have been watching too much Seinfeld. "What's the deal with the bus?" he asked. I told him it is just a bus. He thought that answer was hilarious.

Trey, Austin and Blake enjoyed the fireworks. It is such a pleasure to watch those boys play. They are tryingto put a band together with the instruments they got for Christmas, electric guitar, electric bass and a sound system. Trey plays the violin in 5th grade orchestra.

So, here are the 2009 bus trip pictures.


Jason said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Jim.

longrooffan said...

Looks like alot of fun and thanks for sharing. Dang cold though!! Heading off to the Beach this New Year's Day.

Horse-farmer said...

Hey looks like a lot of fun.

Barngoddess and I went to Greyhound bus station to get My Bronc seats, stopped at Ryans for dinner and were in bed by 1015 pm, slept right through the fireworks and the ball dropping.

Little Princess stayed up till after the ball dropped. Thought it was neat.

I guess I'm still recovering, but looked like fun.

d5thouta5 said...

looks like a lot of fun was had by all particpants....can't blame the little one for staying up to watch the ball the farmer I was out way before the celebrations began....thought about going to the beach to watch the fireworks....but that would have required staying up too late..

Happy New Year....