Friday, January 16, 2009

White Pride Group Meets Saturday

White pride group meets Saturday
January 16, 2009

The women's division of Springfield's National Socialist Movement group will be filmed for national television on Saturday.

The white pride group will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway.

The meeting will be filmed by the Women's Entertainment Network, a New York-based television network, said Ami Bostwick, national director for the National Socialist Movement Women's Division.

Bostwick said the public can attend part of the meeting but declined to elaborate on the agenda and what part might be closed.

"We're not a hate group or a gang; we're a political organization," Bostwick said. "We want to let the white community know they have an advocate fighting for their rights."

From the SN-L


Anonymous said...

This white woman says, "thanks but no thanks".

Anonymous said...

Ran into this group one night at...Wal-Mart. They were dressed in their swastika costumes handing out leaflets and putting them on cars.

The CDM said...

These idiots make me want to start a United Caucasion College Fund, because they are a waste that is a terrible thing to mind.

d5thouta5 said...

Not to advocate these groups, but one of the great things about this country we live in, is allowing these type of groups to exist. While in my opinion they serve no positive function, we do live in a free society and as thus must accept these type of people. The GREATEST freedom we enjoy is the freedom to ignore them. Where else but in the.....
United States of America.

God Bless Us and Our Freedom of Expression.....
and the Right to Ignore those of us we find offensive....

anybody wanna go duck hunting with Dick Cheney this weekend....??????

Anonymous said...

I looked at the so-called Women's Entertainment Network website. Judging from the programming described i.e. Secret Lives of Women etc, and now the filming of the Nazis, I believe the "E" in WE should stand for Exploitation.

Today I read that CBS was also in attendance Saturday. We're on the map again.

Reminds me of years ago when a rural Marshfield area man murdered his extended family and national news showed a clip of him being arraigned in court sporting his big gut, overhalls and bare feet.