Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ready For Some Art? Ready For Some Culture? Head Over To The Greene County Circuit Clerk's Office, Steve Will Take Care Of You.

If you're in the Greene County Courts Complex and you get a hankering to purchase some fine art that ain't painted on black velvet, then you are in the right place, well sort of.

In doing a google on Helms, I came across the following item.
And here's another one.

As much trouble there is in the Circuit Clerk's office, you'd a thought selling art out of the office would be one of the last things one would expect Helms to be doing.

But hey, look on the bright side, it aint' the Ten Commandments.

I have nothing against art in public places, I think it is a good idea, but in this office, it is probably a distraction that is not needed. Maybe this is what the SN-L meant when they said in their
editorial that didn't endorse Helms: "It (the circuit clerk's office) needs to run as smoothly as possible, without needless distraction."

I was disappointed to lose yesterday's election for the Greene County Circuit Clerk's position. I believed my qualifications and work history were uniquely qualified for the job. Unfortunately, only 41% of the voters agreed with me. I would have made the trains run on time.

Greene County has a history of ignoring qualified candidates and electing....well, remember Jean Dixon? Ah, The Normal Heart and Larry Morris, the Christian counselor who preached the philosophy of NARTH with his 'helping hands'?


admin said...

You had my vote, Bus.

Józef Jan Hughes said...

You had our votes too, Jim. Unfortunately, Greene County has been stuck with the County Clerk it deserves.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see some "art" you probably will have to hurry before the Ashcroft influence makes that "painting" a collage, covering up strategic part with bandanas or something.

A salute for running. It's easy just to sit and complain to the television.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you lose......we were hoping to see you take this election. Best wishes!

Jay & Ondi

Anonymous said...

If the picture in the blog is a representation of what is being displayed......

then the Circuit Clerk's Office is displaying pornographic pictures...

now watch the number of teens and pre teens going into the Clerk's Office to catch a look see at bare woman's breasts.... and who knows what else.

shouldn't there be a limit, or some kind of (dare I say) censure on what is being displayed.

I would expect naked breasts at the Art Museum, not at the Court House.

This is the mentality of the citizens of Greene County??????????

I'm glad I live in Lawrence County.

The better man lost, but at least he ran a positive campaign, and didn't have his hench man file a wrongful suit for publicity.

Good job Jim


Branson Missouri said...

I'm not in Greene County but I was hoping for a victory for you. Keep the faith - there will be more elections in the future.

Best Regards,
Darin Codon

The CDM said...

Is that a portrait of Tim Trower?

d5thouta5 said...

It would seem that you provided your community with a reason to become involved in it's local representation. For that, you should be commended. For that you should be proud, not only of the service you provided, but more importantly, for the manner in which you presented it.
Good Job Jim Lee.
You not only confirmed the belief your voters have in you, You have confirmed the belief your brother has in you.

Job well done Jim......

Celebrate Life

Lil Jim said...

Proud of you Dad, its an uphill battle being a Democrat in Greene County. The boys and I definitely made some memories in the bus. Thank you