Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Helms, Yancy and Arnott---The "REP" Wins

The SN-L endorsed Ramon, Fabro and Lee. The county clerk's results show they all did about the same...they all split about 60/40
Arnott 58%
Ramon 41%

Kessinger 64%
Trippe 36%

Yancy 53%
Fabro 47%

Helms 59%
Lee 41%

what this tells me is that people voted their party, not the candidate.

McCain pulled 57%
Obama pulled 41%

The people who voted for McCain, stayed with their party in the down ticket races. Ditto for the people who voted for Obama.

There appeared to be very few cross over voters.

It will be interesting to see the precinct breakdown of votes.

To all those who supported me with their vote, thank you.

I was talking to a person this evening who told me that if I wanted to win an election in Greene County, I would have to run as a Republican. Somehow I can't see myself being in the party of Tim Trower and Ryan Cooper. Or Steve Helms.

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Anonymous said...

It was good to talk to you tonight at the Dem watch party Jim! You did run one heck of a campaign. God bless.