Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes.....But Not In Greene County


Schoeller--no change--still Republican
Norr--no change--still Democrat
Dixon--no change--still Republican
Lampe--no change--still Democrat
Denison--no change--still Republican
Viebreck--no change--still Republican

The only change was Eric Burlison bested Nick Beatty but the seat remained a Republican seat.

County Races...of particular interest to me,,,,,
Kessinger beats Trippe, no change
Helms beats me,,,no change

Arnott beats Ramon, Sheriff's office stays Republican, no change
Yancy beats Fabro----position goes to Republican, change.

Based on the Kessinger/Trippe race, 36% of Greene County is democrat.

No independents broke to the credence to the theory that independents are really Republicans

The SN-L endorsed Hagan, Ramon, Fabro, Lee, Lampe, Burlison, Bensch, Norr----50% win rate. Do they mean much?

Reports last night of more lost files in the clerk's office.

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