Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day, November 11, 2008

Frank David Lee, Robert Graham Lee, Walden Campbell Lee. St. Louis, MO, 1945?

These three men, my Dad and his two brothers, served gallantly our country in World War II and the Korean Conflict.

I, and my brothers and sisters, salute their memory and the memory of all those who have worn the uniform of our beloved country.

Different people celebrate Veteran's Day in different ways.
Soldiers from the 9th Infantry Division transport a wounded soldier to a dustoff site, somewhere in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam, 1969. The soldier on the stretcher is my older brother Bob.


Horse-farmer said...


do you have tghe picture of Dad and Barnie Lefman sitting in the jeep while in Europe during WWII??

Seeing pic posted of BBB, I remember seeing a pic of Dad in his army jeep, passenger side, behind his machine gun.

Would be great to post that one if it can be found.

Anonymous said...

thanks boys

Anonymous said...

Walden Campbell Lee was my grandfather and I never met him. I have fond memories of your father. It is a great picture.
Tom Behnen