Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Native Had A Great Love Of His Country But Remained Suspicious Of Government

"The gub'ment's bailin' out insurance companies and banks.

"And now it looks like Ford and Chevy will get a bailout, too.

"'Course, if Ford and Chevy go down, it will bring down Michigan and all those northern industrial states.

"What about those poor sob's who lost their life savings, or their pensions or their life insurance?

"Is the gub'ment gonna bail them out?

"Are are they just s.o.l.?"


tom said...


Don't take this the wrong way but I would have thought you'd be in favor of this government bailout. I mean the more control government has of the economy the more the "little" people get helped or so it is said :~)

Busplunge said...

I have a great love of my country but I am suspicious of government.

I'll defer all questions about bailout to someone who has personal experience with bankruptcies and gov't bailouts....

tom said...

Then I take it you don't consider yourself a mainstream democrat along the lines of Ted Kennedy or those that would much sooner see government in control of everything ?

Busplunge said...

For me, "...the fundamental appeal of the Democratic party has always been grounded in the principles of fairness, opportunity, equal justice for all and a firm belief that the mission of government is not to stand on the sidelines, but to be active in pursuing these goals for the people."