Monday, July 16, 2007

There Is Nothing As Dangerous As A Man With Nothing To Lose

This is so great, I stole the whole thing.

July 16, 2007
There's Nothing as Dangerous as a Man with Nothing to Lose
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There's some indication that President Bush may be gearing up to attack Iran since he doesn't think any of his successors will handle it. It could just be a wild rumor, but I think it's a cool idea. It's time President Bush focuses on the one thing he has going for him: His approval ratings are so low he can essentially ignore the public's opinion. That's true freedom, and he might as well run with it.


* Next time Congress doesn't pass a bill he wants, burn down the Capitol.

* Doesn't like a country's attitude? Beat up their ambassador and ship him back to his country in a nailed shut wooden crate.

* Plan and execute an elaborate casino heist.

* Scalp John Edwards.

* Like Disney World, every day at the White House ends with fireworks.

* Announce that, after careful consideration, you've ordered air strikes on Latveria. Sit back and watch the confusion.

* By executive order, all restaurants, convenience stores, and school cafeterias must serve nachos.

* Move Department of Defense resources to building a real-life transformer. Demand it makes "that sound" when it transforms.

* Randomly announce a day to be the holiday "Bush Day." Demand that for the day all TV stations must play Red Dawn in a continuous loop.

* Invite journalists to check out the conditions at Gitmo and then lock them inside as prisoners.

* Give the national anthem a techno beat.

* Start a new war. When the press demands comments, have Tony Snow tell them that you're "too busy eating pie."

And one of my personal favorites: Pick the fattest intern on your staff and , in the oval office, have oral....oh, never mind.

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