Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hit Me Over The Head With A Hammer

Two blogs that I read and like (one and the other) recently linked to "The Voice of Truth"..

I went over there, read it, didn't like what I read and left. Now, I keep finding myself going back there. I am beginning to understand the conservative's fascination with pornography. I know the site is not good for me yet I keep going back.

During my latest trip over there. I noticed the blogs that he links in his blog. Now, most bloggers title their links as "blogs I read", "sites to see", "local blogs", "417land blogs", etc. You get the drift.

On THE VOICE OF TRUTH it is BLOGS YOU SHOULD READ. Again, telling people what to think and do. Everything is in black and white on this guy's blog. In my world, there is touch of grey in everything.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that you chose to pounce on the "Blogs you should read" to condemn me without even mentioning that blogs listed there were of all political persuasions like Ron Davis' Chatter and Desdinova who are of your political persuasion.

I believe people should read blogs from all sides of the political spectrum and that's not usually what happens on the internet. People read what reinforces their own beliefs without considering the other side.

Do you not feel the same way?

Anonymous said...

People don't always read what reinforces thier beliefs. Some just read to see what "the other side" has to say.

That said, I find that while "The Voice of Truth" has things that I agree with, there's much I don't.

I read to see both sides and I don't tend to argue either one. I don't feel that I'm knowledgeable enough to do so.

Oh- and my blogroll is entitled "Worth Checking Out". Kinda leaves it up to the reader to click the link.