Sunday, July 22, 2007

Power Failure At Gateway Arch: Tram Passengers Stranded

This happened several times before. I like going up in the Arch, but the tram ride is a bit claustrophobic.
Ameren says it is the fault of the Arch's equipment.

I was a child in grade school in St. Louis when the Arch was being built. Our Little Messenger, a weekly publication designed for catholic schools, had an article about the Arch. I remember it saying that if the footings were off by as much as a period "." this size, the Arch wouldn't meet at the top.

I remember going down to watch it go up.

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Anonymous said...

I moved to St. Louis in August 1966, shortly before the Arch transportation system opened. The 10 PM news usually began with when the tram broke down that day and how many riders were trapped in the little "clothes dryer" cars.