Saturday, July 28, 2007

English Speeking Reeporters Right on Bomb Threat On Airplain

From the Tennessean:

A local doctor who works in a Spanish-speaking medical practice is in federal custody after he admitted calling in three bomb threats to a Northwest Airlines jetliner, prompting the plane's return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday.

From the Seattle Times:
Peter Friedman, Chiu's attorney, said Chiu has strong community ties in Nashville, provides medical services to underserved members of the city's Spanish-speaking population and has no criminal history.

Both stories were written by reporters who work for English language newspapers. Additionally, the story was reported on English language television stations and was both heard and read by English language speaking readers and viewers.

The English language speaking attorneys, pilots, newspaper reporters, policemen, passengers and flight attendants were put out by the actions of the doctor, who has an Asian sounding name and is probably an Asian speaking person.

The blog posting was written by an English Speaking individual.

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