Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gonzales Overload: Falling On The Sword or Taking One For The Team

Tuesday night I stayed up late and watched Attorney General Gonzales meet with the Senate Judicary Committee.
Even as my wife got home from work and suggested I turn off the tv and go to bed I continued watching.
It was painfully obvious that General Gonzales was waltzing around difficult questions and that his testimony was in contraction to his earlier testimony and the testimony of others.
There is now written documentation that his testimony differed from the official record.
If he is charged with contempt of congress, if the case proceeds through the legal system, if it goes the Supreme Court, what happens if the court decides in Gonzales'
favor? Would that give more strength to the notion of an "imperial presidency"?
If Harriet Meiers and Josh Bolten are charged with contempt, would they go the same route?

I remember the "Saturday Night Massacre" in the early 1970s. I hope congress can find the courage to stand up to Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rove, Meiers, Bolten, etc.

I want to know what is the attraction of Bush and Cheney that seemingly intelligent people (Libby, Gonzales, Meiers, Bolten, etc) are falling on their swords for them?

And what happens to people who don't fall on the sword? Remember this guy?

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