Friday, February 01, 2008

Romney Survives Serious Crash, Running For President: Coincidence or God's Plan? You Be The Judge.

On June 16, 1968, Mitt Romney was driving this Citroen DS19 on the curving, two lane French road N524 headed north towards Nante. The Citroen was packed that day, carrying six people in a car that comfortably seated five. They were coming from a meeting in Pau, and passing in front of the post office on the north side of a village, which is sometimes referred to as Beaulac, a black Mercedes, driven by a priest who, according to the Mormans at the scene, was inebriated and had a woman in the car with him, passed a truck on a curve at a high rate of speed and collided head-on with the Citroen Romney was driving. Romney was knocked unconscious. The police officer who first responded believed him to be dead and wrote "Il est mort'' - he is dead - in Romney's passport. But he wasn't.

And Next Tuesday he is on the ballot in Missouri's presidential primary.

Coincidence or God's Plan? You Be The Judge.

Regardless, Mitt Romney and Matt Blunt (and maybe God) don't want you to waste your vote next Tuesday by voting for that guy who dresses like he and his family work in a restaurant chain: "Huckabee's: Open on Sundays After Church".

A story on the crash is here.

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