Sunday, February 24, 2008

How Terribly, Terribly Sad

Andrew Sullivan, who's dislike for the Clintons has been documented almost daily on his blog, The Daily Dish, has another heartbreaking, at least to HRC supporters, post about Clinton's Last Stand.

It has been uncomfortable, to say the least, watching her campaign destruct. She can't land a punch. But not all the pundits are piling on. Money quote:

Clinton is now running against a man who received a huge ovation in Dallas this week when he pulled out a handkerchief to blow his nose.
Clinton is flailing at a guy who can boast without being accused of arrogance.
"I've got to admit, some of them are pretty good," Obama said of his speeches at the Texas debate.
She must prod voters to ask themselves if they really want to take a flyer on a foreign affairs neophyte, a 46-year-old with no substantive legislative record who is barely three years removed from a seat in a state legislature.
She must get them to ask a defining question: "Yes we can ... do what, exactly?"

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