Thursday, February 21, 2008

Red Light Camera Operational At National Avenue And Sunshine Street

The formal citation period for the photo-enforced red-light cameras at National Avenue and Sunshine Street will begin on Friday, Feb. 22, 2008.

This ends the 30-day warning period enacted on Jan. 22, 2008.

This is the fourth activated red-light camera. The other locations are on southbound National at Battlefield Road; southbound Campbell Avenue at Battlefield and eastbound Battlefield at Campbell.

A red-light violation is defined as crossing the wide white line (known as the stop bar) at the intersection after the signal has turned red. Motorists who cross the stop bar on yellow or are in the intersection when the light turns red are not in violation of the red-light ordinance.

The fine for running a red light is $100. The photo-enforced violations will be a civil penalty and will not result in points on a driver’s record. Each photo-enforced intersection approach is clearly marked with signs, while other signs at various locations state that Springfield uses photo red-light enforcement.

For more questions and answers involving the red light photo enforcement, visit CityConnect at: and look under FAQs or call the City’s Citizen Service Request Office at 864-1012.

For media information, contact: Earl Newman, Assistant Public Works Director/Traffic Engineering, 864-1980; or Louise Whall, Director of Public Information, 864-1010.

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