Friday, February 08, 2008

Free Pastry, Two Bloggers And Sara Lampe, A State Rep Who Listens And Actually Hears What You Are Saying

Life of Jason liveblogged Representative Sara Lampe's Listening Post, "Live from Lampeland" this afternoon at the Panera Bread Company on East Sunshine. The time of the activity was determined by the availability of the guests: MODOT and Social Services. Kudos to Jason for reporting to Springfieldians events that have an effect on their daily lives. I arrived late because I got caught in the train traffic on East Sunshine. This is about where the Git N Go is, you can see the train in front of the picture-at Oak Grove. Traffic was backed up past Enterprise, maybe even past the fire station and on to Glenstone. Life of Jason mentions what MODOT said about this in his blog posting. To fix the grade crossings on Battlefield, Sunshine, Cherry, Grand, Division would cost about $180 million dollars. I can wait for a lot of trains for $180 million dollars.

MODOT did say they are going to rework the 60/65 intersection down the hill from the Nature Center. I know coming back to Springfield, heading north on 65, it is a danger zone exiting off onto 60 west. I remember a cloverleaf in St. Louis on Highway 40. When I was a kid, my Dad would take us out to it, it was a wonder. Cloverleafs worked wonderfully when there wasn't much traffic. Now, they are an accident waiting to happen.
Here is an artist's rendering of the new plan for the 60/65 interchange:Jason was pretty dang accurate about everything in his post except for the part where he said I was enjoying the free pastries. I hate to correct you in public Jason, but I only enjoyed the first four pieces. Kevin, the comehere who pronounces "Kearney" street the way it is spelled, (that's his thumb in the photo) was kind enough to snap this photo of the three of us. Life of Jason and I blog for the SN-L: I from under "from the left" and he from "from the right". Among other things we share in common, aside from our political blogs, we are both constituents of Representative Lampe. Busplunge-the blogger from the left(left), LifeofJason-the blogger from the right(right) and State Representative Sara Lampe in the middle which is where most of her constituents are. You can read Life of Jason's entire blog post, Lampeland, here.


Jason said...

I was very pleasantly surprised by the session. Good to finally meet you in person!

Busplunge said...

Glad to make your acquaintance!
(does that picture make me look fat?)

Jackie Melton said...

After a moderate four pastries?

Of course not! ;)