Friday, February 01, 2008

Romney and Blunt Tell Party Faithful: Don't Waste Your Vote On Huckabee

It's coming, from different places, the Romney strategy: don't waste your vote on Huckabee. David "Baby-Faced" Catanese noted it in his interview with Romney today The link is here.

He also implied that conservatives who vote for Mike Huckabee Tuesday will be wasting their vote. "At this stage, it has become a two-person race and if you vote for someone besides one of those two people, you are not getting the bang for your vote buck," Romney said. "I guess the real question is, would they rather have me or would they rather have Senator McCain,"
A News Blog from St. Louis and Eastern Illinois says Governor Blunt told Missouirians they would be wasting their vote if they voted for Huckabee:
"I think everybody really in their heart and mind understands that this is a two-person race, and if you want to have a voice now, you need to cast a vote for one of the two leading candidates."
The link is here.

Another blog is more blunt, saying Matt Blunt impersonates Karl Rove, badly. The link is here.

Meanwhile, in the Romney Camp, Camper Jim Talent tells us Romney will stop the militant gays from taking over the cultural institutions of our country. The link is here. Oh,thank goodness, Romney will protect me! My marriage is safe!

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Complaint Department Manager said...

Why don't those two just kiss and make up? The sexual tension must be unbelievable.