Monday, February 25, 2008

What If This Photo Flap Was From Obama's Campaign?

My wife and I went to Steak and Shake on South Campbell for dinner this evening. Double steakburger and small fries are $2.99. We had wanted to go to Pizza House but they are closed on Mondays. So we ended up at Steak and Shake.

We sat next to two men -- the one guy was not a Clinton fan, the other guy didn't talk too much. The guy who wasn't a Clinton fan used to be in the army. He told the other guy all about the torture methods he used when he was in the Green Berets and that the Pentagon wanted him to come back into the army and work at the Pentagon but he wasn't going to do it if Clinton was elected president.

Then some other guy whom the two guys evidently knew came up to the table and the talk turned to how Obama was fulfilling a prophecy from the bible. I couldn't tune them out because they were talking too loud. I almost said something but I wasn't in a mood to get stomped.

But my wife and I did share some thoughts and I really don't know how fleshed out they will be:

Obama dresses in Somalian dress..who cares. Evidently no one does but Obama's camp. What if they were responsible for releasing the photos to throw up a smokescreen abd divert attention from how the man has no plans other than oratory. And the American electorate is so sick of Bush and Cheney and Rove's dirty politics that all it takes is for Obama to say these are coming from HRC for them to ditch her and go over to him.

Look how the flap over not wearing the flag pin is resurfacing again.

If I were Obama and I was weak in foreign policy, domestic policy, nuclear policy, etc, etc, etc, I would CERTAINLY want people to be thinking HRC is dumping on me or the Repubs are dumping on me. It would focus attention on stuff like that that doesn't mean squatt and take away attention from areas I am weak in, which is just about every area.

And the American Public is so tired of Bush and his crew that anybody looks like a superman. And poor Hillary, she gets branded as a bee-atch. Not fair.


Józef Jan Hughes said...

I just "caught" Yongy donating to HRC's campaign again. I have my suspicions about who put Yongy up to it and supplied him with a credit card number.

admin said...

Gosh I sure hope that picture of me wearing a Speedo to Food For Less doesn't make the rounds. It could hurt my credibility.