Monday, February 18, 2008

Bring A Date To The Blogaronis!

Jason says, "Me and my pretty girlfriend are going to the Blogaronis and I am going to win lots of awards!"
This just in from Fat Jack:

We are having a meeting of the Springfield Blogger's Association. That's right kids, it is back on! We will doll out the Blogaroni Awards and just hang like we've always done. Time, dates and location has changed.

Blogger's Meeting
Thursday, February 28
7:30 pm
Panera Bread (National, near MSU)
Room reserved
Fat Jack and his buddies just sitting around, wanting to know come Jason always wins all the awards and gets all the pretty girls.

From Simple Thoughts Of A Complex Mind:
Mark your calendars; we are changing up the Blogaroni celebration edition of the Springfield Blogger's Association to Panera Bread- National near MSU on the 28th at 6:30 pm. We made these changes to accommodate as many people as we could.

I hope that all of the nominees will join us. Everyone is invited to join us if they have a blog or not. Hopefully Chris B will be able to join us and he will not have to work that day.

Thanks for all the feedback on this.

UPDATE: The celebration will be at 7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm. We are reserviing a room and it was not available until 7:30.
Hayden Panettiere appears upset, unsettled and almost in tears in this series of photos taken shortly after she asked Jason to be her date at the blogaronis. He turned her down, saying he wanted to celebrate winning all the blogaronis with someone who was a little more prettier, a little more sexier.

From Life Of Jason:
Blogaroni Awards Location and Time Set
The Springfield Blogger’s Association Awards … the Blogaronis … will be given out on Thursday, February 28th at 7:30 at Panera Bread, 500 S. National (near Missouri State.) I don’t know if Larry (of Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind) is going to be the Master of Ceremonies but if he needs a celebrity to do it, Vincent David Jericho, Ron Davis, Michelle Sherwood, Emily Rittman, Dave Snider or any of the KSPR Weather Guys are bloggers and famous celebrities too. Maybe we could have Emily or Michelle be the model who gives the awards to people and we can get some business to donate the gown in return for their publishing a picture of it on their blog.

Better yet…let’s get Joe and Christine Daues to do it. They could start out the night by saying “it’s so nice to have so many of you in one room who pick apart every newscast and point out every single one of our on-air flubs and flaws. We bought you a special beverage just for this celebratory occasion. OK, all together…drink very deeply…”

Anyway, I hope to have you all come out and enjoy this blog being shut out of any awards and my celebratory dance over the fallen Chris Brewer when he realizes he owes me dinner because I was shut out. If you’re not a local blogger, you can still show up if you’re a fan of local blogs. I know that I’d love to meet the two people who seem to be reading this page. You can see Jim Lee in person and marvel at how he doesn’t look a day over 82.

Larry Craig doesn't have a clue how Jason always gets the cute girls.
"Dang, why can't I get a handle on this?", he's thinking, "That Jason's one baaaad ass! How does he get all the pretty girls?"

Roy Blunt knows why Jason always gets all the pretty girls, that's why he's got that blank-eating grin on his face. But he ain't telling, either.

John Ashcroft knows too. But, tee hee, he ain't telling nothing to nobody! He's locked his lips and throwed away the key! Tee Hee!

The Dick knows. The Dick knows everything. The Dick knows that Jason gets all the pretty girls for the same reason The Dick gets all the pretty girls. And The Dick ain't sayin' squat!


Jason said...

Jason won't be winning squat.

You, however, are a lock for the Most Improved Blog. How's that acceptance speech coming?

Jason said...

By the way, if you want to know, just ask former President Bill Clinton. He taught me all I know. :)

admin said...

Thanks to Larry for organizing and maintaining all of the Blogaroni stuff. He has single handedly done it. He's a good kid.

Anonymous said...

Duz Panera serve licker?

Busplunge said...

I donna know. Why not stop by Skagg's and get some airplane booze?

Anonymous said...

Skaggs? You mean Katz?

Bloggers, check your firearms at the door.

Busplunge said...

I'll just go to Crank's, it's closer.

Busplunge said...

Say, isn't that Panera across the street from Ralph Brown's?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that a photo of coach John Wooden, not former AG, known prude, etc., John Ashcroft?