Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Days I Just Get This Feeling That I Am Only As Smart As The Last Person I Talked To

Spent all day just lying around the house. My private nurse told me to quit drinking grapefruit juice to hydrate myself, drink water with lemon. She also suggested I go to the doctor or urgent care clinic. But to suit myself if I didn't want to do it. Now that was a trick question. The real meaning was this: if I don't go to the doctor to get some medicine to feel better, don't expect any sympathy from the nursing department.

I hate going to the doctor's. I made the call to the appointment desk, the lady put me though to the doctor's nurse. She asked my symptoms, I told her, she said I got whatever is going around and keep fluids in me and let it run it's course. The hospitals are full of people who are sick (duh!) with the bug and if I really felt bad, I could go to urgent care. She gave me the names of some over the counter remedies I could pick up from Skagg's.

I decided against going to urgent care, I'll save my insurance for a real emergency. I'll just tough it out.

I have been running a fever off and on all day. One minute I am soaked in sweat, the next minute I am chilled to the bone. I get these 'rolling' coughing spells that hurt and I can't catch my breath. They aren't deep coughs, but lots of aches.

I am going to get some musinex or theraflu, when I get up the gumption to go to skaggs. Austin and Blake and maybe Trey came over for Ramon Noodles, I didn't even get out of bed to see them. Just told them not to come near me. They start baseball practice tonight. Life In The Garden says the first chink of the baseball bat is a sure sign of spring around here. She must be able to hear the practice at the Parkview ballfield. We told the three boys that it's probably not a good idea to play baseball in our backyard anymore, they can play catch, but no more hitting. We got new windows on the house and the boys are just getting too dang good, what with hitting the ball over the fence just about every time. The good news is they are becoming power hitters, the bad news is every truck and bus that is parked on the street has been hit. Last year one of the boys (I didn't ask which one and they didn't volunteer--I did tell them I wasn't mad, but maybe next time pull their swings) hit the side window of the 53 Chevy pickup and spider webbed it, so I got another window for $8.00, put it in, which is a j.o.b., went to the leaf dump with a load of leaves, got out of the truck, slammed the door and shattered the window. Dang.

Oh I tell ya, though, ain't life grand! I do enjoy those boys and they all think I am a pretty neat grandpa who can fix or make anything.

My little brother John, who lives in Ocala, Florida--he's the one who picked up the Cushman doors, sent me an email that said, among other things,

also, check out this site.... The actually saw this beast in person on my way home from getting these doors. it was parked outside the rough biker bar out in the Ocala National Forest. So goofy looking that i had to turn around and get a closer look. good sentiment though.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, but if it's the same funk I had, it tends to linger....sorry.

I'm trying to understand the Caretaker, went to the site, but still a little unclear. Is the memorial on the outside or the inside?

Busplunge said...

I don't understand the Caretaker either. The way I understood it was the outside is the memorial and the inside is like a travel trailer. John said it sorta goofy looking. Probably one of those things that look better from far away or after 5 beers.