Friday, February 29, 2008

Change Involves A Whole Lot More Than Just Talking About Change

Read this article.

The House voted two weeks ago to cite Bolten and Miers for contempt of Congress and seek a grand jury investigation. Most Republicans boycotted the vote...Republicans call the whole affair a political game and walked out of the House vote on the contempt citations in protest.

Unless EVERYONE buys into change, change ain't gonna happen. And it looks like not everyone in Washington wants to change.

Now, read this article.
McCain's war hero ethos is embedded in his speaking style. Because of the injuries he suffered after his plane went down and the ensuing beatings he received over five years of torture, he cannot raise his arms above shoulder height when gesturing or waving. The result for those who know is one of strength. For those who don't, McCain's podium presence can seem stiff and stilted.

Clinton's technocratic command of policy ripples through her speeches. And in moments such as the now famous "crying episodes," voters have seen flashes of warmth that those closest to her say typifies her private persona. Whether that human touch emerges on the rostrum before the all-important Texas and Ohio primaries remains to be seen.

Much has been written and said about Obama's ubiquitous message of "hope" and oratorical flights of fancy. Critics contend he is a cotton-candy communicator long on saccharin speeches and short on experience. His platform skills are real, but so is McCain's gravitas. The matchup would be one for the ages.
And finally, just to refresh our memories about constraints to change, re-read this post.

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