Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brother Tom's take on H.R. 607 and his congressman Billy Long: Why read the paper?

My Dad, Bob Lee and my brother Tom in the old "Haven Lee Farms" truck that one of our other brothers, John to be specific, wrecked while crossing the bridge over Turnback Creek that got you into our farm. This photo was taken 40 years ago.

My little brother Tom was in the Navy for over twenty years, most of them years he spent underwater as a corpsman on a nuclear submarine. He has so many medals and ribbons that when he wears his uniform he can't bend his arms from all the salad on the sleeves and chest.

Before he retired from the Navy, my dad told me Tom was the ranking non-com in the WESPAC fleet and worked with admirals and such. Like most vets of this era, Tom doesn't talk too much about his war experiences. Those who laced up combat boots know what I am talking about.

Tom also was first responder, drove an ambulance, was a volunteer fireman, and, while stationed in Guam, was a race car driver.

Tom writes a blog also, Haven Lee Farms HQ. He and his family are "Living in southern Missouri on a small farm we raise miniature horses, cattle, chickens, cats, rocks, dogs, chihuahuas, kids, and an occasional coyote. Not much we know, but then not much we keep quiet about."

Like his older brother, Tom has opinions about dang near everything and is not afraid to share them.

Here's Tom's take on H.R. 607:

Why read the paper?
Southwest Missouri's infamous cowboy Congressman - Billy Long, made the statement the other day that he was upset because Obama was keeping Congress in the dark on the Libia matter and stated "all I know about it is what I read in the paper".

So today's Newsleader - Springfield's only newpaper - has an article about our good ole congressman Billy Long meeting with Ham Radio operators, Emergnecy Management and Fire personnel about the upcoming house bill 'THAT BILLY COSPONSORED'.

This bill would sell off radio frequencies the Hams use. And I might add, use to a good purpose during disasters and emergencies.

One of the comments in the article was by JKROWHAMMEER and sums it up:
9:43 AM on March 24, 2011
Long said earlier he wasn't aware of the provision when he agreed to co-sponsor the bill...... So he co-sponsored a bill but didn't know what was in it. That is just wrong!!

The Nixa Fire Chief was happy that Long listened to everyones' comments during the meeting "closed to the press".

What everyone failed to realize is the other article in today's Newsleader


"But to offset the cost of setting aside those frequencies for public safety, the bill also instructs the government to sell for commercial use the 420-440 MHz frequency, which amateur radio operators currently use.:

So Ole Roy supports the bill, and Billy is told to Support the Bill...........

WAKE UP HAM OPERATORS ---- the bill is going to be passed and you will lose those freqs.....

Another example of Billy doing what Roy said to do.


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