Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Long skips King hearing tomorrow.

"Only one Republican, Missouri Rep. Billy Long, is not scheduled to attend. His office says he has a constituent meeting planned. Another, Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, will run back and forth between the hearing and another for the Oversight and Government Reform committee."

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Anonymous said...

how convenient

Anonymous said...

He doesn't HAVE to attend. He's from Redneckville and couldn't care less.

It is only when we begin to persecute fat, rich, white, dumb guys who gamble too much that he needs to worry.

He's a total embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Unless they provide Billy with a golf cart and strap him in, Politico won't be reporting on him "running" from one meeting to the next.

That stress fracture will also put a damper on his Arkansas Snake Stomp exhibitions on the waterin' hole dance floors.


Anonymous said...

The excitement is gone and he is now arriving late and leaving early, according to some reports.