Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long attends hearing, sort of

I watched the congressional hearings this morning.

I did not see Billy Long.

Politico said he was skipping the hearings to meet with a constituent.

After the hearings I wrote about what else Billy Long skipped in Washington D.C..

This evening I was talking with a friend and we were discussing the hearing and how we were sort of disappointed that Billy Long didn't speak. We felt it would have made good theater if Billy would have had the chance to speak some "Billyisms".

As we were talking, we were looking for photos of Billy at the hearing.

We pulled up the CSPAN3 video and there was Billy. His seat is at the table in front of Rep. King, the chair.

Blake was there too.

But we could never find a shot of Billy and Blake together.

(I do not believe that Billy and Blake are the same person.)

Here are some screen captures of the hearing, in chronological order. Billy Long is clearly visible at the table in front of Representative King.
That's Billy's head on the left side of the shot.

Here's Billy sitting and listening to testimony.

This screen capture, from CSPAN3, at 1 hour, 2 minutes into their part 2 video (which would have been 2 hours approx into the hearing) shows Billy sitting in his seat.

Here's screen capture of 1 hour 26 minutes into part 2 of the Billy.

Here is a screen capture of 2 hours, 56 minutes of part 2, Nope, he ain't here either. Maybe he went to the bathroom or to meet with a constituent. Looks like Billy ain't the only one who cut out of the hearing.

Bill Lambrecht wrote a story about Long and the hearing.

Long mentions a witness who spoke in the first part of the hearing.

Did Billy skip out after the break?

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