Friday, March 19, 2010

More Leaves From An Ozark Journal: "Garden Of Allah"

Leaves From An Ozark Journal:

March 8, I spent one hour with L.P. Jarvis getting his biography.

Mar. 10, At Houston for Teaching Mission. C.C. Keller addressed a big H.S. audience 1-2 P.M. Holloway talked. Harry Smith presided.

Mar. 11, Twenty-five CCC boys came to Plato C.E. Social and working. A big help. Called to Houston for Ben Meadows funeral.

Mar. 16, attended movie at CCC Camp. Nora's first movie in five years. "Garden of Allah," the film.

Grace afraid of Mickey Mouse, her first movie. She screamed, put her hands over her eyes and went to sleep. Grace awoke in the night, trembled with fear, said a cat was "in her bed"--impressions of the movie on her mind. Hope it has no nervous consequences.

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